Everyone needs support and guidance on their journey to adulthood... including foster youth.

The Village makes it easy for anyone to help a Bay Area foster child.
Foster youth need our help.
Youth who have "aged out" of the foster care system are many times more likely to experience devastating outcomes than non-foster youth.1

For children who happen to be born into families unable to care for them, we as a society are treating them as though they're not worthy of our time or attention. Our child welfare system is doing everything it can, however, it's overburdened with providing temporary care, just what a child needs to survive: safety, shelter, food, and clothing. Unfortunately, many children bounce around inside this system for long periods and simply do not get the attention and guidance they need to succeed as adults.

What if we all pitched in?

The San Francisco Bay Area we call home has everything any child needs in order to become a self-sufficient, contributing member of society. However, many foster children simply don’t have enough caring adults in their lives to provide much-needed support and guidance. The simplest and most natural way to make this happen is through a collective effort by caring people in our community where the experiences, expertise and resources already exist.

Or, to put it more simply, you and me.

Everyone has something to offer.

Whether it’s a one-time contribution (simply sharing a book) or more active participation (sharing one’s work experiences), everyone can help. This could be in the form of sharing expertise & resources (such as hobby equipment or financial guidance), taking simple outings, offering advice, or providing exposure to work opportunities. Your efforts to share your talents, time, or resources all adds up and it can have life-changing effects on a child.

Join The Village and endorse the pledge to let foster kids know we care.

Many of these kids actually wonder? “Do I matter to anyone? Does anybody care about me, and not just because it’s their job?”. Foster kids need to know that they are important and that their community cares about them. By joining The Village and acknowledging this pledge, we are telling foster children that they’re valued, just because.

Our Focus

Build Minds

Provide Guidance

Give Hope

Inspire Dreams

  • “The Current State of Foster Care”, FosterClub website, www.fosterclub.com/blog/statistics-and-research/current-state-foster-care, Date accessed June 9, 2019.
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